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Virtual KOL | CM4dotZero

Project Type

Virtual Character


August 2022

For the first time in TED Talk history, a virtual character gave a presentation and demonstrated his amazing ability to interact with
the content presented. CM4dotZero is a KOL with in-depth knowledge of Graphics, Artificial Intelligence and the Metaverse
Created from the Unreal engine and Metahuman, CM4dotZero belongs to the first generation of AVAS virtual characters.

Advanced technologies have been applied by AVAS to this character, let’s take a look at what they are:

1. High-End Motion Capture Technology
With a modern motion simulation system, gestures and
emotions from actors are accurately simulated on virtual
characters. Never before has a virtual character been
created so vividly and emotionally.

2. Real-Time Computer Graphic
An important step forward in bringing virtual characters to life.
With a high-end real-time graphics system, AVAS helps virtual
characters interact directly with MCs, as well as viewers, as
normal and natural as how we communicate every day.

CM4dotZero at TED Talk
/ Virtual KOL /
Client: TED x Hanu
Date: August, 2022
Author: Tung Monkey

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