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Metaverse | Virtual Rooftop Bar

Project Type

Virtual Rooftop Bar


March 2022

AVAS team collaborated with HCC Group to create a virtual performance space for singer Binz da Poet.
With a team of experienced designers, the space of the stage appears vivid and realistic. Singers and actors are recorded with Chroma background and edited in the Unreal engine to produce the final result.

1. Immersive Virtual Environments
With the power of Unreal engine, we have created
an attractive and lively top floor bar corner of the
building. DMX lighting effects and separation
techniques helped Binz’s performance go beyond

2. Virtual Production
The physical space of reality is disrupted with
modern technology. You can appear anywhere, on
any stage. The graphics power of the Unreal
engine has created miracles.

Client HCC Group
Date March, 2022
Author Tung Monkey

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